End Of Summer Update

End Of Summer Update

It's Been almost 3 years ago since my wife and I started Indigos Curve and we have shipped just under 15,000 orders to customers!

We had planned for it to be a simple side gig website to dropship clothing while I worked a full time job. We did very little research, instead letting our customers tell us what products to offer and which ones to dump. There were lots of lessons learned with drop shipping! Two main problems where quality of the product and shipping times.

We decided to switch to Print On Demand only. We paid graphic designers to make our shirt designs but it was killing our budget. We decided to take the leap and purchase Adobe Illustrator along with an iPad/pencil to create our own designs. We are still learning new ways to use those tools but it has been good to us.

We’ve partnered with several printing companies across Texas and we have a printer of our own now. Creating designs, marketing, selling, printing and shipping in house! All those hats we wear really get heavy.

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the ups and downs after quitting our jobs to focus on this business.

We are just coming off one of those downs.  Our printer was having issues here and there from Jan 7th until May 14th when it became impossible to print.  This cause several weeks of printer issues during the busiest months for t-shirts!  We replaced several parts that didn't fix the issue and each time we had to wait for additional parts to arrive.  This has delayed many orders and put some serious stress on our customer service and production department.  On June 25th we finally got it running good.  We are looking forward to getting through this down and back to the up!  We are updating customers as much as we can and we are working on a new process to help!

Thanks to our all of our customers for hanging in there with us!  Sorry for the late shipments but we are working hard to fulfill every order!

E-commerce is pretty wild!

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