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Delayed orders and Facebook - Now TikTok

As many of our customers know, our printer has been a problem for us this year.

It was having progressive issues here and there from Jan 7th 2021 until May 14th 2021 when it actually became impossible to print.  This caused a major production delay during the busiest months for t-shirts!  It was only 6 months old!

We replaced several parts (under warranty) 1 at a time that didn't fix the issue and each time we had to wait for additional parts to arrive and schedule a video call for assistance. 

This delayed many orders and put some serious stress on our customer service and production department. 

On June 25th we finally got it up and running good.  That equals about 50 days of unexpected down time this year. 

It is an uphill road to catch back up on orders after that kinda set back.  Many customers understand and are patient, even though it's not ideal, THANK YOU!

We aren't sure how many it took but Facebook was quietly collecting feedback on our ads and before we even knew what was going on it put us on advertising restriction.  That means we spend the same budget but we are advertising to less people (if even at all).  So while working long days printing and shipping out orders to catch up, and updating our website/Facebook with our delay info, we were slowly being penalized by a backend system. 

Orders have definitely dropped and we are no longer able to run profitable Facebook ads. 

We are still printing and shipping orders!

We have a TikTok that we are using to provide video information and are hoping that it will help us keep the doors open.  Please like and follow us!

Thanks to our all of our customers that are hanging in there with us!  Sorry for the late shipments but we are working hard to fulfill every order!

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