9-3-21 End of week update

9-3-21 End of week update

Hey everyone.

I want to start off by saying Covid has started spreading in our small town of Centerville, Texas. There have been several local businesses that had to shut down while employees deal with being sick. Our daughter's 5th grade class had an outbreak and she was tested positive Aug 26th. Mandy tested positive a few days later and I tested negative but started having a fever on Aug 31st (I tested positive Sept 3rd).

We have not handled any orders during this time and are going to take great precautions to make sure our customers are safe. This is not ideal for our business or for any customers who are still waiting for their orders! We are so sorry about this! We promise we will get them all printed and shipped.

There is nothing more we want than to keep our business open and providing great shirts to y'all! The past year of being able to work full time with my wife and family on our own business has been amazing to me!

Our average pending order count on our shop is usually around 75 to 125. Those are orders that were placed but not yet shipped. When our printer was down for repairs we reached 750+ Pending orders! That is a crazy high number right?! We have been reducing that number each week. New orders do keep it from dropping really fast. We have it down to 386 pending orders and pushing to get below 300 by the end of next week.

If you have been waiting for your order for a long time and feel the item is no longer in season please take a look at our site and select something you would like to replace it with and send us an email with the information.

We'll keep the updates coming.  Be careful out there!

Jeff & Mandy
Indigo's Curve Team

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